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Growth–what do you think of when you hear this word?  I think in 3 stages…personal growth, professional growth, and financial growth.  In my case, all three overlap so much that it hardly matters what order I list them.

Focused growth–in which areas would you like to grow?  My focus this year is growing financially, but not in terms of an increase in dollars and cents.  For those of you new to my story, allow me to share a little background:

I worked for an NFCC (National Foundation for Credit Counseling) member agency.  While the agency did/does the right things, the CEO and VP were toxic.  So toxic that in less than one year I had resigned my position and written a 5 page grievance letter to the Board of Directors.  I did not make this decision lightly.  I had a terrific team of four underneath me, I loved providing the education and the counseling to my clients, I wanted/needed the paycheck, but decided, through extensive discussion with my husband that my mental and physical health were worth more than the little I was being paid.

With that background in place…my financial growth isn’t so much in dollars and cents as it is determining the following:  1. How can we (or can we at all) live more effectively than we did on two incomes, 2. How much money did we waste last year, and 3. How do we (can we) continue saving (both adding to emergency savings and the other necessary savings for our family).  Additionally, I’d like to grow my reputation as a reliable source for budgeting, credit, and financial literacy education.

As I trudge, accelerate, run, walk, crawl, cry, jump for joy (insert foretelling adjective here ;)) through this next year, I will share this journey, as well as my expertise gained from over 14 years experience in Collections, Bankruptcy, Fraud and Financial Counseling.  Helping others grow through their financial journeys, helping others make more informed, better financial decisions for themselves and their families, is also part of my financial (literacy) growth.

On this 3rd day of January, I am already a little “interested” about the ability to put money in savings and leave it there.  My car wouldn’t start last night.  We have roadside assistance and once my husband cleans it out (he drove it last…eek :)), we’ll call and have it towed on post (we’re an Army family) to get the estimate, make a few phone calls to make sure I’m getting the best deal, and get it fixed.  I was already planning on getting the timing belt and spark plugs replaced, but now it looks as though we may have to add a starter (battery is new)…or some such thing.  Also, today as we were getting ready to go out in the cold (27 degrees in GA is extremely cold), we determined that my son was in desperate need of new shoes.  So, off to the shoe store we go.

In every financial situation I have ever seen, one pay period tends to be tighter than the other (assuming two pay periods per month).  Our tightest, of course, is the first of the month.  We carry money from the middle of the prior month to the beginning of the next month in order to have a little money in flex savings as well as ensure everything gets paid.  Now that I am without a regular income, of course, things seem to hit harder and faster than before. It’s not if, it’s when!

I think, though, that I can answer at least part of my financial growth questions.  #1—We can live effectively…more effectively, I don’t know, but combining with #2, I am certain that we can live almost (ALMOST) as comfortably as we did last year on two incomes.  Planning is paramount.  We have to be more financially conscious, shop more reliably with a menu and a grocery list—in our family my husband is not allowed to go grocery shopping without me—and we have to think outside the box for fun and entertainment.

What financial choices do you need to make?  Next week I’m going to talk about SMART goals—so stay tuned!  SMART goals can help you accomplish whatever you want…one step at a time…and are particularly effective with financial matters! 

Growth is imperative to success!  You can do it!  Determine what you want to do and let me know if I can provide any guidance!


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