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Adventures with Slaeda

Her blue eyes, her excitability, having an answer for everything, her attitude, her joy…she is her Momma’s little girl. She looks at a picture of me when I’m about her age and she says, “It’s me, Momma, it’s me!” I explain to her that the little girl is Mommy and can she see the difference in hair color?

She wants to do everything with everybody. She wants to walk the dog at 7:00 a.m., she wants to go to the store with Daddy when I’m putting her to bed, she wants to play with her brother non-stop, and go to tumbling class with him too. She wants to be a Daddy when she grows up. She doesn’t like the word, “No”. She loves learning new words, new letters, and “helping” me bake.

I want to give her everything, and yet I know I can’t, because she has so many lessons to learn.

Today’s lesson is TIME. I don’t frequently focus on just spending TIME with my daughter. I am a Financial Coach, trying to build a business and (prayerfully, hopefully) waiting on word regarding my application and interview for a PhD program. I am no longer a full-time employed working mom, but I still have lots of activities outside of the house to keep things/get things moving.

I need to remember…always…that whether it’s 5 minutes or 50 minutes, TIME is what matters. If I can’t spend $20 buying her something she wants, but I can spend 20 minutes reading, rocking, playing, WITH her, totally FOCUSED on HER, well, that’s worth 2000 times $20! Making memories doesn’t have to cost money. Making memories can be learning to vacuum, painting a tree on the wall, walking the dog, a trip to the park where we PLAY TOGETHER, putting on Momma’s make-up and watching Super Why together…it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn’t have to have an additional cost at all. It’s being together and remembering that TIME is worth MORE than MONEY–ALWAYS.

Slaeda, I love you. I pray that you continue to forgive my bad habits, that you come to know Jesus, that you always love milk, tomatoes, chicken noodle soup, walking the dog, coloring, painting, singing every song under the sun that has the same tune as “ABC’s”, playing with make-up, reading, and spending time with our family. You are an amazing little girl and I am SO PROUD of you!