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As I recover from 10 horrendous sick days in our house (please, Dear God, never let me be sick WHILE the kids are sick again!!) I realize that getting “back on the horse” is even more difficult than it was in the first place.  Everything gets put to the side when the primary decision-maker is sick.  (My husband said the other day, “I’m making an executive decision, even though I’m not the executive of this household…”)  I have a terrific family, but the buck stops when mom’s down for the count.

The house was clean.  It was actually drop-in ready…that doesn’t mean perfect, it just means I wouldn’t have been embarrassed if someone stopped by.  It now looks as though it hasn’t been vacuumed in 3 months and no one knows how to pick up pretzels off the floor and put coloring books away.  There are still dishes in the sink.  I’m thinking about throwing some of the containers in the fridge away.

Waste not, want not.  Well, I agree–but living that…having that as a day to day reality…that gets put aside when I’m sick.

In food alone–hoo boy…we’ve eaten out more in the last 6 days than we have in two months.  The leftovers that were supposed to be used and/or frozen weren’t.  We bought some fresh fruit on Saturday (during the 3 hours of sanity and breathing right that I had) and it was supposed to be put up that day.  Um…yeah, Sunday night there was mold on the raspberries.  I took out what I could see and threw the rest in the freezer until I could handle them later.  I just pulled them out…more waste…that’s $5 in berries alone.

You can’t plan for when you’re sick.  Well, I can’t anyway.  If I could I’d spend the week before getting everything planned out–coverage at the office (if necessary), meals cooked and appropriately put up for when I was going to be down for the count, a chore chart so that stuff stayed caught up, and an automatic transfer of $10 to fun savings for everyday that we didn’t eat out while I was sick (as a reward for nobody killing one another ;)).

We wasted/”not well thought through spent” a good $125-$150 just maintaining sanity while I was sick.  Two (off and on sick) kids, a very busy husband who had 2 back-to-back 24-hour duties while I was sick, and me.  That means that if something sounded good to the kids it was purchased…so they’d eat and get better.  That means that my husband ate out more during his 24-hour Charge of Quarters shifts than he normally would for twice as many shifts because I didn’t have the gumption to cook and pack it for him.  (He’s perfectly capable, but back to back 24 hour duty shifts…I’m not going to ask him to do anything other than sleep and get ready for the next one.)

This is one of those “it’s not if, it’s when” situations.  Small savings for large inconveniences can go a long way.  Even if you just put $5-10/pay period away…heck, even in the back of your sock drawer where you’ll forget about it after awhile…then you’ll have cash on hand for when these inconvenient times come up and you don’t want to have to think past going to sleep after the kids are in bed.  These funds are good to have on hand with children or not…because eating/cooking aside, I know that we never have enough medicine…cold/flu/congestion, etc. when we need it.

Sleep well, rest up…lots of fluids.  And when you’re sweating out the fever, at least you won’t be sweating out the dollars too!