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Running Is My Therapy

There are all things we need to pay for that we set aside because we can “do without for the time being.” Never sacrifice yourself. Now, I’m not talking about chocolate or cable…as much as it pains me, those are WANTS, not NEEDS.

Taking care of ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically–those are needs. Don’t put off seeking help from a counselor, nutritionist, doctor, physical therapist, licensed massage therapist if you have a situation you need to have addressed.

Sure, there are lots of things that we can research online–lots of ways to find answers, or at least develop better questions. I love Google as much as the next person. However, please turn to a professional when help is truly needed!

My therapy, my need, my “go-to” to fix all that ails me is a good run or workout (in fact, the idea for this blog post came to me while running this morning! :)). Therefore, money to be spent on sports bras, running pants, good running shoes–those fall into my NEED category. Do these things outrank rent, groceries, utilities, savings, and bills? NO…but they do tend to come before other wants of the family.

This summer I will be paying for a weekly massage as I go back to a paying job for 6 weeks and train at the same time. It means I won’t have as much “fun” money (massage is not ME time, massage is a necessity during training and not one I particularly enjoy because of issues I have with my hips and upper back/neck).

Therapeutic Massage is something I put off when I can’t get to my personal LMT (she’s the only one that can touch me without causing me excruciating pain) and because I don’t value it. Well, that’s kind of like not valuing myself. In my particular case, I can make adjustments to the way I workout–stretch more, use the roller, take Yoga–to help alleviate some of my issues. Sometimes just thinking outside the box will allow us to find the help we need without spending an arm and a leg.

If you need to talk to someone, if you have problems or challenges you are finding you can’t face alone—FIND SOME HELP! The money will come together later. Your health and well-being are more important!

Prioritize your money to pay for those things before you hide away in a good book (those books cost money), take yourself out to eat to cope (calories and money that could likely be spent better elsewhere), or go shopping (believe it or not, shopping addiction is not a joke!)

See what your insurance will cover. See if you qualify for discounted or free services. Find out what your options are so that you can make an informed decision and put yourself FIRST! Some things, like running gear, aren’t covered. That’s a matter of prioritizing. Would your work pay for your gym membership, or can you get a discount because of where you work? Can the membership be payroll deducted so you never miss the money?

The Oreos and Hershey’s bar always get sad when I re-prioritize. They yell, “Yes, but I’m cheap and I’m right here on the shelf!” And yes, they yell loudly. But, when I take those few dollars every month and put them towards new running shoes, or a new sports bra, or whatever other item I’m saving for, the rest of me cheers!

You’re worth more than you know. You really are.

Value yourself enough to get the help you need–financial, emotional, physical, educational, mental–whatever it is, find out what it’s going to cost and put your money, literally, to work for you.

God Speed.