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Making choices with your money can be both challenging and rewarding.  Absolutely I am an advocate for having YOUR financial house in order before you assist someone else.  Sometimes the things we do at home reach farther than we realize.

My son, Kaden, is 8 years old.  Please check out his video.

He amazes me with his heart for others and his willingness to save some of his Christmas and birthday money to do something like this.  He understands that some of every check he gets for holidays needs to go to savings, but then he steps it up and puts some towards a project like this.  All of his allowance for the past months has gone towards this project.  To date he has saved $248.60…and on top of that, today he raised $41 in the course of 5 minutes!  So, counting those $41 in donations, plus what he’s received in the past hour from his GoFundMe account (http://www.gofundme.com/KadenFoodBank), Kaden has raised $309.60! 

Yes, we have to balance out our budgets, yes, needs come before wants, yes savings comes before play.  Please remember, too, that whether you do something like this, or you donate to your church or United Way or some other non-profit organization, your dollars can have a positive impact on more than just you.