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KandS 1544 lbs of food 4

You have to understand…this started with $50 two years ago…

Mom and Kaden start

Kaden and I have always done the shopping for the school food bank drive together. It’s become a tradition. At 3, he got $20, the same at 4 and 5. At 6, he asked for $50. Then he set a goal. Kind of the beginning of the end…and yet we’re no where near the end yet. Last year, at age 7, he raised $435. Now he’s 8…

Slaeda and Dad start

He inspired his sister last year (then 2) to help too. She’s 3 now and her shopping partner is Daddy.

Kaden commissary 1

A few months ago, I posted a picture of Kaden from his shopping trip last year. He has grown, in height, maturity, and heart.

Kaden commissary 2

This year we did a lot of comparison shopping and used a notebook to keep track of coupons and the comparison shopping list so we knew how to shop for the best bang for his buck.

Kaden with bags in car 1

It was a little hard to see him.

Kaden with bags in car 2

But, he was able to make enough room to buckle and wave!

commissary front seat

My water bottle felt so squashed by the mountains of bags.

commissary unloaded

Kaden and I unloaded the food from the commissary in front of the fireplace. (Yes, there’s a fireplace behind all those bags.) And while Kaden and I were unloading his first trip…

Slaeda WalMart

This year Slaeda saved and received donations totaling $103 to take with her on her shopping adventure. She and Slade had a grand old time going to Wal-Mart and choosing food together. She also wanted to buy bananas for the food bank, but those are perishable, darn it! Slade said it was all he could do not to laugh when she walked right up to a can of SPICY Beef Ravioli and said, “Daddy, I like these!”

Slaeda's haul 1

Slaeda purchased more than 80 lbs of food! She worked really hard and put a lot of thought into the purchases she wanted to make!

Slaeda's haul 2

Sam's Club 1

After we were done at the commissary, and Slade and Slaeda were off on a different adventure, Kaden and I grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to Sam’s Club. This year Kaden’s school is collecting food for the Salvation Army food pantry and kitchen. Every day the Augusta Salvation Army food kitchen feeds over 250 men, women, and children. The purchases made at the commissary were made for the purpose of filling food baskets; these purchases will go towards feeding the homeless and hungry of Augusta, GA.

front seat Sam's

Light stuff up front.

over 900 lbs of food 1

over 900 lbs of food 2

Heavy stuff in the back. Kaden purchased 200 lbs. of rice and 100 lbs. of beans.

Sam's loaded with Kaden 1

A little celebration once almost all of it was loaded…

KandS 1544 lbs of food 1

Slade and I got the car unloaded and everything organized so that we could see what all had been purchased.

KandS 1544 lbs of food 2

KandS 1544 lbs of food 3

KandS 1544 lbs of food 5

The kids really had a good time sitting on the cans!

Slade sorting and counting 1

I thought it would be a good idea to know how much food (in pounds) had been purchased.

Slade sorting and counting 2

Slade worked really hard sorting and counting.
Fortunately, the spreadsheet Kaden and I had created for comparison shopping had some of the numbers on it, so we were able to keep a SMILE on Slade’s face as he worked.

Slade sorting and counting 4

He came out alive, I promise!

KandS 1544 lbs of food 4

Kaden and Slaeda both worked hard this year to make this project a reality. Kaden sets such an amazing example for Slaeda. She wants to put money in her food bank jar to save up because she sees her big brother doing it. At three, she is learning how to save! Kaden took 5 hours a few Saturdays ago to do comparison shopping at 4 different stores so we’d make sure we knew where to get the best bang for our buck (since Slade is in the Army, the commissary was the best place to shop, though WalMart did have a better price on canned fruit.) They both saved Christmas and birthday money, allowance, and received donations from friends and family for their efforts.

Kaden’s fundraising efforts were significantly more intense than Slaeda’s (of course) and in addition to the dollars donated through Go Fund Me from friends online, the private donations he received, and the change he picked up here and there, he also raised more than $300 in his yard sale! Kaden has learned how to comparison shop, is starting to understand how interest works, and sees how he can use money to positively impact others.

Oh…and I suppose you want the totals???

The kids got a GRAND TOTAL of 985 items purchased for $1521.95 with a total weight of 1,544.16375 lbs. That’s more than 3/4 of a ton of food!!